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    The university currently has one national engineering research centre(National Engineering Research Center for Carbonhydrate Synthesis), two China Ministry of Education key laboratories(Key Laboratory of Poyang Lake Wetland and Watershed Research under the Ministry of Education, and Key Laboratory of Functional Small Organic Molecule under the Ministry of Education), 1 national university science park,2 international S&T cooperation bases, 1 key lab under the General Administration of Sport,1 state level S&T service platform,    6 provincial level "2011 Collaborative Innovation Centers",   3 high level innovation platform projects for higher education institutions in Jiangxi Province,9 provincial key labs,    3 provincial engineering research centers,    3 provincial exemplar cultivation bases of production-education-research integration,2 provincial engineering labs,2 provincial engineering laboratories, 11 provincial key research bases of humanities and social sciences,10 provincial technology centers of Software Sciences, 3 journals published by the university are included in the Core Chinese Journals.
    Since 2010, the University has won one second-level national prize for progress in science and technology, one second prize of S&T progress among national university research achievements, and been awarded one grant for significant bidding project, 4 grants for key projects of the national-level social science fund, one grant for significant international cooperation project of the national-level natural science fund, one key project, one special project of the national-level "863" project, one pre-research project, one significant earmarked international cooperation project, one S&T support project of the national-level "973" project, one hundred and thirty five national social science fund projects, three hundred and five national natural science fund projects, four national software science projects, five key special S&T projects of Jiangxi Province, twenty projects of the S&T execution program of Jiangxi Provincial Education Department, three significant bidding projects, four  key projects of Philosophy and Social Sciences Fund for higher education institutions in Jiangxi Province. “863” project in which higher education institutions are to play the leading role, and the international cooperative projects together involve the expenditure of funds totaling more than five million Yuan, they are each an unprecedented breakthrough for any higher education institution in the Province.
    In 2011,the university's total amount of research fund added up to 100 million yuan, total number of national-level social science fund projects and natural science fund projects ranked 10th among Normal Universities. According to The Nature Index 2014 Global published in March 2015, the University ranked

number one in Jiangxi Province, 89th among all Chinese universities.


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